New Tutorial Videos

Here are two videos on Eclipse and PHPEclipse created by Martin Ambruš.

Eclipse - installation and configuration + PHPEclipse (tutorial)

Eclipse - programming in PHP with PHPEclipse (tutorial)

Latest 1.2.x Build

Very short post:

The 1.2.x nightly build resolves the save file error, and is usable. This release only supports Eclipse Juno. Please try it out and post feedback either via IRC (#phpeclipse) or on our users mailing list.

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Getting PHPEclipse

You can download the PHPEclipse IDE from the following links
Update Site

1.2.x dev nightly for Juno (eclipse 4.2.1)

1.2.x dev nightly for Indigo (eclipse 3.7.1)

Binary & Source

General Overview

About PHPEclipse, the future of PHPEclipse, License Information and Target Audience, News and Talks relating to PHPEclipse.


Meet the community of developers, translators and maintainers, find out more about mailing list etiquette.


Installing PHPEclipse in Eclipse and requirements.

Main Concepts

Learn about the main concepts behind developing with PHPEclipse.


The documents in this HOWTO section goes into detail about how to accomplish various tasks in PHPEclipse.

  • Xdebug Howto Guide to using XDebug debugger with PHPEclipse
  • DBG Howto Guide to using DBG debugger with PHPEclipse


Information for developers about PHPEclipse code, setting up Eclipse to develop PHPEclipse, building PHPEclipse, Contributing Bug Fixes, Feature Enhancements, and Translations.

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