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New Tutorial Videos

Here are two videos on Eclipse and PHPEclipse created by Martin Ambruš.

Eclipse - installation and configuration + PHPEclipse (tutorial)

Eclipse - programming in PHP with PHPEclipse (tutorial)

Latest 1.2.x Build

Very short post:

The 1.2.x nightly build resolves the save file error, and is usable. This release only supports Eclipse Juno. Please try it out and post feedback either via IRC (#phpeclipse) or on our users mailing list.

  • Posted: 2013-02-04 15:21 (Updated: 2013-02-04 15:21)
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PHPEclipse 1.2.4 Development Build

Some people were probably thinking this day was never going to arrive. From the post title you now know that we have a new build of PHPEclipse that is in development. We had to update the way we have been building the project, and it was decided that we would use Buckminster. Well it took us time to get to it then done, and with great joy we can say it's building. Work is still being done to get jenkins to build and publish the site, however the heavy lifting we feel has been done in getting Buckminster to build the project.

Using Development Build

Please try out our dev build by adding PHPEclipse as an update site to your install. The url you will need to use is Please


You have been warned. Every time you save you will get the following error.

Save Failed
Unresolved compilation problems: 
	The method getActivePerspective() from the type WorkbenchPage is not visible
	The method findView(String, null) is undefined for the type Perspective
	The method showView(String, null) is undefined for the type Perspective
	The method findView(String, null) is undefined for the type Perspective

Now that we have a build system we can focus on fixing errors like the one above and getting a new stable release out to our loyal users.

Your Feedback

The update site is only a p2 site, so it will not work for older versions of Eclipse (< 3.4?). This might not always be the case, however if there is not a high demand for the classic site, we will leave it as a p2 only update. (or the other devs just tell me to make the classic and i will get it done).

Showing some signs of life

There are a few of us, and i really mean few that are putting in a little time on this project. I know i have said that before, however we see the people wanted the project to get updated to the new code syntax for PHP >=5.3. So don't expect a big release anytime soon, but we are working on upgrading PHPEclipse, and the development builds will start up again.

We moved the code over from subversion to git. You can check it out at Browsing the source using the site will be allot faster then doing it inside trac.

As always most of us hang out in the irc channel, so if you want to give some encouragement to those working on the project just stop in and leave a note.

System Upgrade

It's very slow going around here, and not much development has happened. However the time to upgrade the system that the site is on came and i have updated the software. If you notice any issues with the site please stop in IRC and let me know.


Action all around! And we've gone "social"!

So we've got commit action going on... upgrades to this, updates to that, all great to see! We've even had a surge in folks on IRC.

In addition, we've splashed out and got a Facebook page for the project (!/pages/PHPEclipse/162678560420218) and (wait for it...) a Twitter feed! ( (We only need 25 "Likes" on Facebook to get our URL trimmed down, so that's our first goal.)

So come "Like" us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, /join us on IRC or all three! Whatever you do, let us know you're there!

Trac and Hudson Have Been Updated

Seeing that we want to get people excited about the project and our drive to move it forward, we have updated the trac site to use postgresql as the database back-end. Allot of the time we were getting the dreaded "database is locked" errors. So to resolve this issue we updated to Pg as our database moving away from sqlite. Ran into a few issues, had a problem with the milestone table missing the started column. Added it in and the migration was able to run successfully. This update went easier with the help from the sqlite2pg script over at agile-trac. Thanks guys for the script and echoing out the database table you were working on. That helped me isolate the issue. Another help came from exolete. The issues he had with sequence i had as well. So those notes helped me fix that issue. Everything should be a bit faster and less database is locked messages.

This update was just one of those annoying things i (ed_mann) had to get out of the way. If no other errors come up i will be digging into code and testing the new AST that incastrix has put in... i hope it's in there. Fixing issues with running the nightly against Eclipse Helios, and adding in fixes to support PHP namespaces. I know there are probably many other things people want to see fixed, so let us know.

We hope to hear from more people about the project. We have had one stop in the IRC channel to give us a voice of support and offer to help. We can use your help as well. Please look at the ticket system and see if you find duplicates. If you do pick one that should be the primary and close the others. If you don't have permissions to do that and you want to help the project let us know, we will get you access. Help answer questions in the forum, and if you are really brave, with a separate Eclipse instance, help us test the nightly. We will post back here when it has something useful to test.

Getting the band back together

This is a call out to all the people that use PHPEclipse and depend on it for their projects. We are not sure many people are using this project anymore and have moved on to other PHP tools for their development. We have been pretty quiet in the forums and have not committed code in quite some time. With that being said, we want to make an effort to get things moving again and want to know if our effort is worth while.

If you depend on PHPEclipse and want to see it updated and continue on please post a comment or stop in the irc.freenode/#phpeclipse channel and let us know how you feel.

I (ed_mann) depend on PHPE for my development and am going to be spending time working on making the project better, however if it's not needed i don't want to give my time to it. If there are people that need this project let us know and expect to read weekly or bi-weekly updates on what we are working on and the progress that is being made.

We hope others will join in the development as well.

UPDATE: 10/29/10 Authenticated users were not able to post comments. I have fixed this, so please post. If you have issues let me (ed_mann) know. I am in IRC.

  • Posted: 2010-10-28 15:29 (Updated: 2010-10-29 11:03)
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PHPEclipse 1.2.3 Released

We have pushed out a new release that fixes issue #774 There were no other major updates to this version. You can find links on the home page of

Work is progressing on the next major release of PHPEclipse. The new AST code has been added and now we are testing it and fixing issues as we find them. The nightly update site will be back soon with the development code.

That's all to report right now.

PHPEclipse 1.2.2 Released

You can now download the new release of PHPEclipse. Version 1.2.2 fixes the following issues:

issue #712 psf for Eclipse project development were updated by schnoodles, scorphus and mbowie

incastrix fixed issues #725,#761 and #616 also lots of work was done for XDebug adding fixes for issues #680, #757, #759 and #763.

We have now started the major work on PHPEclipse that will see a new AST parser, Debug changes and improvements. Also we will be adding several new features and code support for PHP 5.3 and 6.0.

  • Posted: 2009-09-11 10:10 (Updated: 2009-09-11 14:46)
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Updated PHPEclipse Trac Install

I just finished updating the PHPEclipse Trac install. It is now running on 0.11 and has all the plug-ins that we want to use, and a few new ones as well.

I have installed the Spam filtering so hopefully we don't have the project taken over by spam bots.

As you can see i also installed the blog feature for trac. This will help us create new News items easier than before. Please let me know what you think about it.

Now that i have this out of the way i hope to be able to work with the other developers on the next release of PHPEclipse.

Till next time.

New SSL Certificate

Thanks to GoDaddy's Open Source SSL program we have a shiny new SSL certificate operating on We'll be setting it up with Trac in the next few days so that logins and such will be more secure. For more details and progress, see ticket #749.

1.2.1 Release

Release 1.2.1 fixes an issue with Eclipse 3.4. When you select a word all the occurrences of that word were not highlighted. With a team effort we were able to isolate the code that was causing the problem, and it was fixed then by incastrix, thanks incastrix. With our users telling us this was a serious problem to their work flow, we felt it was necessary to push a new release. So enjoy and look forward to more updates and features to PHPEclipse in the short future.

  • Posted: 2009-08-21 23:21 (Updated: 2009-08-21 23:24)
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