Phase 1 of the 1.3.x release is to remove all unneeded code that is in PHPEclipse code base. We are doing this in order to help minimize the amount of code and files that are in the project that are not being used. Also in doing this we will be moving over to svn. The code has already been ported from cvs to svn, now we are working on getting the refactored code committed as a new branch.

Eclipse Framework update

Phase 2 is to update the PHPEclipse code base to utilize the next version of the Eclipse platform frameworks Ganymede.

This release will have bug fixes but not many new features will be added, unless they are the result of a bug fix.

New 1.5.x Release

New Features

The 1.5.x development cycle of PHPEclipse is going to have new features that are requested by PHP Developers, and also features that are missing in the project and fundamental to PHP development. The PHPEclipse development team works to produce the IDE that PHP developers want to use and is essential tool for them. We are listening to you and working on the areas that effect you the most in your development of PHP Applications. It is our desire that you will be excited about what we are planning for the stable 1.6.0 release.

Code Format

Update the php code format to support different format styles. This is for people that want Pear style code format, or a code format setting that is specific to there project.

With this code it will also address several features/bugs that people have submitted.

Note: See TracRoadmap for help on using the roadmap.