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Code Beautifier

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Want to be able to right-click and choose Source-
>Format like in the Java Editor.  For files which are 
merely PHP classes, the Java Beautifier might be good 
enough with only minor tweaks.  For HTML/PHP mixed 
pages, maybe run a combo of Tidy with JTidy and 
anything like liked by the parser must be listed in the 
Tasks section.

Currently, I use SlickEdit's HTML beautifier to format 
HTML/PHP docs and I use SlickEdit's Java beautifier to 
format straight PHP classes.  In addition, the PHPEdit 
product seems to be working on a PHPBeautifier that 
might be of use to this project as well.  

JMHO --dante

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Please implement this :-)
It's so annoying to format code from other dev's all the
time, or when you copy paste code to re-indent it...

comment:2 Changed 11 years ago by bananeweizen

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Works fine in current version.
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