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Pb with colaps and Include

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In this file :

01   <?php
02 - include('inc1');
04 - function test() {
05	echo 'hello 2';
06	include('inc2');
07	echo 'hello 2';
08   }
09   ?>

when I click on the colaps symbol ("-") on line 02,
display becomes :

01   <?php
02 + include('inc1');
07	echo 'hello 2';
08   }
09   ?>

Eclipse colaps from the first Include to the last one
which is in a function.

Michel (French)

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comment:1 Changed 11 years ago by bananeweizen

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I cannot reproduce this bug with the current CVS version
because I don't get any folding marker at the include
location. Could you please test the latest CVS version
yourself to see if the problem remains?

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