Jun 5, 2005:

4:34 PM Changeset [dd6abd]1.2.xtrunk by axelcl <axelcl>
deleted dependency from net.sourceforge.phpeclipse module
4:04 PM Changeset [530fdb]1.2.xtrunk by axelcl <axelcl>
Created a separated 'externaltools' plugin: initial check-in

Jun 3, 2005:

2:08 PM Ticket #293 (Code Templates) created by nobody
12:34 PM Ticket #292 (Debugger error on includes with no association) created by nobody

Jun 2, 2005:

2:12 PM Changeset [aaf64a]1.2.xtrunk by stefanbjarni <stefanbjarni>
Removed the news plug-in
1:44 AM Ticket #291 (PHPHelp Missing) created by eddieajau

Jun 1, 2005:

4:21 PM Changeset [232735]1.2.xtrunk by axelcl <axelcl>
Action borrowed from cfeclipse: "remove trailing spaces at end of file"

May 31, 2005:

3:06 PM Ticket #290 (Option to trim trailing space on save) created by jdell_nv
2:20 PM Changeset [c3ccc9]1.2.xtrunk by axelcl <axelcl>
Very ugly start of a first wizard page. Needs a lot of cleanup!
1:12 PM Changeset [0adddf]1.2.xtrunk by stefanbjarni <stefanbjarni>
Removed the news plug-in from the opt module

May 28, 2005:

4:44 AM Changeset [055b90]1.2.xtrunk by axelcl <axelcl>
New (Quantum SQL) wizard module which extends Quantum context menus …
2:24 AM Ticket #289 (Error in displaying plugin details for html.ui package) created by nobody

May 27, 2005:

1:11 PM Changeset [26065f]1.2.xtrunk by stefanbjarni <stefanbjarni>
Bumped all plug-in versions to 1.1.5 Removed the news plug-in (Axel will …

May 26, 2005:

8:42 PM Changeset [1e934d]1.2.xtrunk by stefanbjarni <stefanbjarni>
6:07 PM Changeset [a3c516]1.2.xtrunk by stefanbjarni <stefanbjarni>
Includes the Eclipse Tidy action set as a PHP perspective extension. *If* …
5:33 PM Changeset [28ff4f]1.2.xtrunk by axelcl <axelcl>
changed to version 1.1.5 for js.core
5:29 PM Changeset [bcade9]1.2.xtrunk by axelcl <axelcl>
changed to version 1.1.5
4:57 PM Changeset [aa7874]1.2.xtrunk by axelcl <axelcl>
Fixed bug for stacktrace: …
11:08 AM Changeset [b8be19]1.2.xtrunk by stefanbjarni <stefanbjarni>
Upped plug-in versions to 1.1.5 Fixed the feature.xml accordingly

May 25, 2005:

4:45 PM Changeset [e58606]1.2.xtrunk by stefanbjarni <stefanbjarni>
Debugger now steps through embedded PHP in HTML files. Fixed a bug that …

May 16, 2005:

5:47 AM Changeset [ce9b95]1.2.xtrunk by axelcl <axelcl>
Added syntax highlighting for variables in double quoted strings

May 15, 2005:

6:32 PM Changeset [ed7fdfd]1.2.xtrunk by axelcl <axelcl>
Simplified parsing for double quoted strings
6:28 PM Changeset [d8d144]1.2.xtrunk by axelcl <axelcl>
different syntax highlighting for single and double quoted strings
6:24 PM Changeset [6cd11b]1.2.xtrunk by axelcl <axelcl>
Improved xml scanner for this bug See: …
6:09 PM Changeset [535b4f]1.2.xtrunk by axelcl <axelcl>
Improved aml scanner for this bug See: …
2:50 AM Ticket #288 (PHPEclipse 1.1.3 have breaks on Eclipse 3.1M7) created by pcdinh

May 13, 2005:

3:19 PM Changeset [4aac12]1.2.xtrunk by axelcl <axelcl>
Wrong partition length raises exception. See: …
3:17 PM Changeset [fcbe1c]1.2.xtrunk by axelcl <axelcl>
Wrong partition length raises exception nasty workaround, which prevents …
12:27 PM Ticket #287 (Generate Getters and Setters) created by nobody

May 12, 2005:

7:24 PM Changeset [ee206f]1.2.xtrunk by stefanbjarni <stefanbjarni>
Changed the perspective label from 'PHP' to 'PHP Web Development'
1:02 AM Changeset [62a321]1.2.xtrunk by axelcl <axelcl>
Avoid message in 31M6: !MESSAGE The command …

May 10, 2005:

4:23 AM Ticket #286 (syntax coloring for large files breaks) created by cmyck

May 9, 2005:

11:10 AM Ticket #285 (Plugin conflicts) created by nobody
2:18 AM Ticket #284 (.class: no syntax coloring, and comparison made as binary) created by cmyck

May 8, 2005:

9:30 AM Changeset [617576]1.2.xtrunk by axelcl <axelcl>
Parser: parse a PHP expression after <?= ; statements aren't allowed Code …
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