08:28 Ticket #617 (PHP Editor crash) created by morgue1


18:26 Changeset [089f7d]1.2.xtrunk by pombredanne <pombredanne>
Adding a new test fragment for xdebug unit tests.
18:25 Changeset [bc8b48]1.2.xtrunk by pombredanne <pombredanne>
Fixed some config on tests. The fragment file was named worng


15:26 Changeset [c25a3e]1.2.xtrunk by pombredanne <pombredanne>
Cleaning up the supported files extensions, need more fixing. Adding ctp …


21:03 Changeset [f703be]1.2.xtrunk by pombredanne <pombredanne>
Initial import of the Guide contributed to the project byRobert Kraske. …


00:14 Changeset [4404d3]1.2.xtrunk by pombredanne <pombredanne>
Adding phpc as a default extension for editors and launch


04:39 Ticket #616 (PHP Editor does not follow links to functions with comments) created by benoit_heinrich


14:56 Changeset [fe8beb]1.2.xtrunk by pombredanne <pombredanne>
Adding missing plugin


18:43 Changeset [1f2d66]1.2.xtrunk by pombredanne <pombredanne>
Updated build map to add the new help plugin


17:47 Ticket #614 (Opening interface or abstract class causes exception) closed by toshihiro


13:58 Changeset [84ffed]1.2.xtrunk by pombredanne <pombredanne>
Made all bundles require a Java 1.4 EE, and backported some classescode to …
13:55 Changeset [5bae09]1.2.xtrunk by pombredanne <pombredanne>
Made test to compile. Seven need fixing and are not passing
13:46 Changeset [a21b9c]1.2.xtrunk by pombredanne <pombredanne>
Adding xdebug, dbg and help plugins to features
13:41 Changeset [f90478]1.2.xtrunk by pombredanne <pombredanne>
Removing duplicate extension markup
13:39 Changeset [5bb602]1.2.xtrunk by pombredanne <pombredanne>
Removing everything under that plugin. It is not used. We use the other …


18:30 Ticket #561 (Preferences - PHP - Formatter page) closed by toshihiro
18:30 Ticket #564 (PairMatcher considering partitions) closed by toshihiro
16:43 Changeset [3a0b95]1.2.xtrunk by pombredanne <pombredanne>
Added missing EE to Java 1.4
16:43 Changeset [af0333]1.2.xtrunk by pombredanne <pombredanne>
Removed dead comments
16:40 Changeset [21c05b]1.2.xtrunk by pombredanne <pombredanne>
New Xdebug configuration manual. contributed by Ian MacLennan? . Thanks …
15:20 Changeset [2cdbcc]1.2.xtrunk by Edward Mann <phpeclipse.dev@…>
Adding the pluginbuilder files that are used in the nightly build process.


11:17 Changeset [90a42f]1.2.xtrunk by Edward Mann <phpeclipse.dev@…>
Removing htm,html from plugin.xml.
06:39 Ticket #615 (Uninitialised variables not always flagged) created by gwhittles


06:42 Ticket #614 (Opening interface or abstract class causes exception) created by fokfok


21:14 Ticket #613 (PHP Browser doesn't work) created by toshihiro
20:35 Changeset [ac5c86]1.2.xtrunk by Edward Mann <phpeclipse.dev@…>
Committing the first phase of the phpDocBuilder.


21:52 Ticket #612 (PHPeclipse breaks WTP editor) created by toshihiro
13:07 Changeset [be369a]1.2.xtrunk by Edward Mann <phpeclipse.dev@…>
Added change for feature #1154254 Browser now has a sticky url.
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