20:28 Ticket #642 (Switch to Debug Perspective when debugger reaches a breakpoint) created by scorphus
This is a feature request collected in the forums, here's the related …
15:21 Ticket #426 (Disable strings wraping with "." ) closed by ed_mann
14:30 Ticket #610 (Opening a PHP file always runs external editor) closed by ed_mann
14:27 Ticket #586 (error opening php files (using gij)) closed by ed_mann
14:14 Ticket #446 (Folded Function doesn't expand on click) closed by ed_mann
13:49 Ticket #555 ("argument not valid" at html comment start) closed by ed_mann
fixed: Bug was fixed in the nightly.
12:57 Ticket #641 (Select Source File window appears when debugging with XDebug) created by ian
When I try to debug, when I hit a breakpoint, it asks me for a path to the …


23:45 Changeset [f35f80]1.2.xtrunk by Edward Mann <phpeclipse.dev@…>
Commit RSE changes that were done in the debug projects.
13:16 Ticket #640 (Xdebug Plugin Provider - About Eclipse SDK Plug-ins) created by ed_mann
The Xdebug plug-in does not include the provider. This is something that …
13:11 Ticket #639 (Project Update Site License) created by ed_mann
The update site license is very sparse. It would be better to have the …


21:40 Changeset [77ceb3]1.2.xtrunk by Edward Mann <phpeclipse.dev@…>
Commiting more changes to fix RSE issues with PHP projects.


17:12 Ticket #621 (CVS cleanup) closed by ed_mann
fixed: I have removed the empty branch
11:18 Ticket #423 (Code formatter error) closed by ed_mann
worksforme: This is working in the nightly, and i am not getting the crash. I had …


18:21 Ticket #115 (Documentation/FAQ) closed by ed_mann
fixed: This is old and we have updated docs. I am closing this request.
17:38 Ticket #466 (Suggestion: Implementing code folding options) closed by ed_mann
worksforme: You can disable code folding for opening files by doing the following. …
13:12 WikiStart edited by ed_mann
fist customization for PHPEclipse (diff)
13:02 new_ticket_guide edited by ed_mann
12:59 new_ticket_guide edited by scorphus
12:41 new_ticket_guide edited by ed_mann
12:41 new_ticket_guide edited by ed_mann
added feature request to intro (diff)
12:40 new_ticket_guide created by ed_mann
11:19 Ticket #456 (New/refresh project causes exception) closed by ed_mann
worksforme: The bug reporter did not get back to me, and this is working fine for me. …
10:53 Ticket #510 (Trim trailing LINE whitespace on save) closed by ed_mann
worksforme: This is fixed and working in the nightly. To activate you would do the …
10:38 Ticket #368 (URL - Wrapper in PHP Browser) closed by ed_mann
fixed: The new sticky url feature resolves this issue. Closing bug


20:00 Ticket #638 (File Filter) created by ed_mann
When you are in a PHPEclipse project the . (dot) files and directories are …
17:35 Ticket #637 (PHP File outside project) created by ed_mann
When you open a file that is not inside your workspace/project it will …


14:18 Ticket #612 (PHPeclipse breaks WTP editor) closed by ed_mann


17:25 Changeset [972a45]1.2.xtrunk by Edward Mann <phpeclipse.dev@…>
Change to speed up RSE project create. Window will now release and project …
14:40 Changeset [be7e1b]1.2.xtrunk by Edward Mann <phpeclipse.dev@…>
Fix for bug #1839622 RSE Path error. You can now create a PHP Project and …
11:49 Changeset [6ca46b]1.2.xtrunk by Edward Mann <phpeclipse.dev@…>
Committing more fixes for bug #1839622 RSE Path error. This will clean up …
09:56 Ticket #635 (Failure on PHP files opened through RSE in Project Context) closed by emann
09:46 Changeset [de0c02]1.2.xtrunk by Edward Mann <phpeclipse.dev@…>
Committing patch from grEvenX to fix bug #1839622 RSE Path error


05:14 Ticket #636 (Intergrate Namespace for PHP 5.3) created by nobody
Hello, Please, you can integrate the auto-completion for the namespace of …


21:16 Ticket #372 (ClassCastException when copy/past) closed by incastrix
21:15 Ticket #445 (cannot create project in existing folder) closed by incastrix
21:15 Ticket #460 (1.1.8.CVS-20060223: windows download when doubleclick .tpl) closed by incastrix
21:14 Ticket #531 (Dialog "Run/Debug" needs polishing (at least on Mac)) closed by incastrix
21:10 Ticket #325 (warning for valid include() calls) closed by incastrix
14:10 Ticket #635 (Failure on PHP files opened through RSE in Project Context) created by m1tk4


11:36 Ticket #634 (Hovers Key options) created by emann


11:12 TimingAndEstimationPluginUserManual edited by Timing and Estimation Plugin


14:24 Ticket #620 (Sun JVM 1.6 Incompatibility) closed by incastrix
14:23 Ticket #633 (browser preview crashes jvm) closed by incastrix
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