03:40 Ticket #676 (eclipse crashes opening an html page) created by francesco.spegni
hello world, this is what i did: - i created an empty project - i …


12:48 PHPEclipseFaq edited by ed_mann
fixing note about linked folders. (diff)


21:42 PHPEclipseFaq edited by scorphus
Just correcting two typos (diff)
14:06 MailingList created by ed_mann
creating mailing list page.
13:48 PHPEclipseFaq edited by ed_mann
changing Your docs suck! (diff)
11:32 PHPEclipseFaq created by ed_mann
first attempt at PHPEclipse FAQ
10:11 IrcChannel created by ed_mann
adding ircChannel info


21:28 Ticket #675 (Use of unreliable DataInputStream::read() method.) created by flzz
Unreliable input stream reading for PHPEclise -> XDebug socket. This is …
04:12 Ticket #674 (XDebug multiply thread debug do not work) created by zhil
XDebug support multiply thread remote debugging (in other words, you can …


17:24 Ticket #673 (Debugger "create watch expression" bugs) created by zhil
BUG 1: 1. Start debugging script. 2. Select element [1] of the array …
16:56 Ticket #672 (Debugger current instructions point did not refreshed after script ...) created by zhil
1. Start debugging some script (I have used XDebug) 2. Terminate it using …
16:49 Ticket #671 (Debugger live expression value popup) created by zhil
I really miss a very nice and very usefull feature - live expression value …
14:45 Ticket #659 (A couple XDebug bugs) closed by ed_mann
fixed: Per submitter request i am closing this ticket.
14:43 Ticket #670 (Debug Dialog Browser select) created by ed_mann
When you create a new DBG debug configuration in the Environment tab in …
14:39 Ticket #664 (adding own changes to the phpeclipse) closed by ed_mann
invalid: This is in the Development section of the wiki. Per submitter request i …
14:38 Ticket #663 (More extension points) closed by ed_mann
worksforme: Per request i am closing this ticket.
14:29 Ticket #669 (XDEBUG) closed by ed_mann
fixed: There were some configuration changes on the client end that needed to be …


09:59 Ticket #669 (XDEBUG) created by zhil
When I try to use remote debug I got error "The Debug port you requested …


15:19 Comparison_Chart edited by ed_mann
just adding page outline (diff)


18:10 Changeset [7dcf15]1.2.xtrunk by Edward Mann <phpeclipse.dev@…>
Added change so that when you have a RSE project and click the right mouse …
18:10 Ticket #637 (PHP File outside project) closed by ed_mann
fixed: (In [1535]) Added change so that when you have a RSE project and click the …
17:40 Comparison_Chart edited by ed_mann
14:08 Comparison_Chart edited by ed_mann
14:07 Comparison_Chart created by ed_mann
13:32 WikiStart edited by ed_mann
adding comparison (diff)
11:39 Ticket #666 (Satan has possesed PHPEclipse) closed by ed_mann
10:16 Ticket #668 (Content Assist for Class) created by ed_mann
When you are working in the same file that the class is in. When you …


16:20 Using_PHPEclipse edited by ed_mann
16:20 Using_PHPEclipse created by ed_mann
16:12 WikiStart edited by ed_mann


10:21 Ticket #330 (provide source snapshots) closed by ed_mann
fixed: I have added this to the release process. src tar-balls will be available …


18:23 Ticket #379 (Contextual help view based on php manual) closed by scorphus
fixed: The initial stage of the PHP Manual View conception is done, we'll …
18:09 Team created by ed_mann
17:51 Release_Process edited by ed_mann
17:50 Release_Process created by ed_mann
17:08 Ticket #637 (PHP File outside project) reopened by ed_mann
There is still an issue with RSE projects not getting the Right context …
13:37 Ticket #667 (No Template/Completion for foreach) closed by ed_mann
fixed: (In [1534]) new foreach in template fixes #667 submitted by pteague
13:37 Changeset [1cac81]1.2.xtrunk by Edward Mann <phpeclipse.dev@…>
new foreach in template fixes #667 submitted by pteague
03:13 Ticket #667 (No Template/Completion for foreach) created by apas
When using the editor you can use CTRL+Space to get a code template for a …


19:54 Changeset [4ef1d2]1.2.xtrunk by incastrix <incastrix>
Fix wrong node parsing.
17:43 Ticket #666 (Satan has possesed PHPEclipse) created by ed_mann
I just installed the nightly and my monitor started to drip blood. It …
03:02 Ticket #665 (string starts at begin of page when press enter) created by _HI_
string starts at begin of page when need to continue with enter key string …


07:26 Ticket #664 (adding own changes to the phpeclipse) created by zhil
Looks like its stupid question, but I just can't find answer myself. I …
07:24 Ticket #663 (More extension points) created by zhil
I am starting using phpeclipse and I really like it :) but it have few …


15:43 Ticket #660 (PHP Manual view does not allow a "Fast View" item to be displayed above ...) closed by ed_mann
invalid: This is a issue with Eclipse and not PHPEclipse. I have created a ticket …
04:31 Ticket #662 (2 small options for the code formatter) created by zhil
After spending a lot of time on thinking about formatting style we have …


19:31 Ticket #661 (Is it possible to merge the works done by PDT ?) created by kiang
I don't know if there exists any historical problem. But since both PDT …


13:16 Changeset [598dec]1.2.xtrunk by incastrix <incastrix>
Fix import
12:13 Changeset [4d54c8]1.2.xtrunk by mbowie <mbowie>
HTML manual changes per #379.
12:03 Changeset [1bc386f]1.2.xtrunk by incastrix <incastrix>
Fix source not showed (Ticket #654).
10:49 Ticket #660 (PHP Manual view does not allow a "Fast View" item to be displayed above ...) created by ajt
If you have the "Navigator" view on the left side of your screen with …


21:05 Ticket #658 (Deadlock from PHPEclipse Browser) closed by scorphus
worksforme: Me and another developer weren't able to reproduce this issue.
07:55 developing_process edited by scorphus
Formating adjusting (diff)


18:03 svn_commit_cmds created by ed_mann
17:54 Changeset [a523ce]1.2.xtrunk by Edward Mann <phpeclipse.dev@…>
Added code change that will leave the debug session running even after the …


18:03 Ticket #659 (A couple XDebug bugs) created by zhil
I am trying to use remote debug (which is really extremely usefull) and I …
16:41 Ticket #658 (Deadlock from PHPEclipse Browser) created by moberhuber
Eclipse I20080207-1530 on Windows XP SP2 PHPEclipse-1.2.0 from nightly …
13:38 Ticket #521 (Remote Sourcepath doesn't work with uppercase characters) closed by scorphus
worksforme: I could not reproduce this issue with the following: DBG 2.15.5 …


12:17 Ticket #656 (Project Functions parameters missing) closed by ed_mann
fixed: I have fixed the latest issue with content assist. I hope there are no …
12:12 Changeset [170e49]1.2.xtrunk by Edward Mann <phpeclipse.dev@…>
The CTRL+Space did not show function details. This was missed when i first …
10:18 Ticket #656 (Project Functions parameters missing) reopened by ed_mann
There is a problem when you CTRL+Space the window is not showing the …
03:46 Ticket #657 (!MESSAGE Problemi durante la chiamata al codice dal plugin: ...) created by francesco.spegni
Hi there, i'm having trouble using: Ubuntu 7.10 + Eclipse 3.2 + …
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