18:18 General/PHPEclipseFAQ edited by ed_mann
added info about include paths. (diff)


21:34 Changeset [3f9ac3]1.2.xtrunk by Edward Mann <phpeclipse.dev@…>
adding entry to runtime to put compatibility.jar in the class path. This …


00:09 Changeset [415d47]1.2.xtrunk by Edward Mann <phpeclipse.dev@…>
Compatibility fragment commit
00:08 Changeset [a6ce8b]1.2.xtrunk by Edward Mann <phpeclipse.dev@…>
Importing compatibility fragment that will allow PHPEclipse 1.2.0 to run …


13:26 Ticket #716 (xdebug choking when reaching simplexml_load_file) created by doc
session_write_close(); echo $basket_info_url = …
11:56 Howto/XDebugAndPHPEclipse edited by ed_mann
added note about removing extension (diff)


12:38 Ticket #715 (When attempting to execute a script using a DBG CLI configuration it will ...) created by ajt
When trying to execute a script using a DBG CLI configuration that has the …


10:33 Ticket #714 (PHP Parser bug with $this->oR) created by ptigga
Everytime the string '$this->oR' appears in the PHP editor, it is marked …


14:05 Howto/XDebugAndPHPEclipse edited by ed_mann
adding XDEBUG_SESSION_START info (diff)


11:59 Ticket #713 (Broken links in the help) created by mbooth
I noticed a couple of broken links in the help. Here's a quick patch for …


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00:40 Ticket #712 (Project Set File | Made for Subversive) created by schnoodles
I have created a .psf file for the people who use subversive, as the other …


03:11 Ticket #711 (parser does not recognize in-line variable initialization) created by caesar
second line of the following code will produce the warning "variable …


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adding plug-in builder link (diff)
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fixed links. and detail info (diff)
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adding Developers section. (diff)
00:52 Ticket #653 (Show line numbers option) closed by mbowie
fixed: (In [1573]) Removes the "Show Line Numbers" option from the PHPEclipse …
00:52 Changeset [bf6ca1]1.2.xtrunk by mbowie <mbowie>
Removes the "Show Line Numbers" option from the PHPEclipse preferences and …
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Just a little grammatical error. (diff)


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adding steps to set php to open with eclipse. (diff)
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added comment about external file open issue. (diff)
13:42 Ticket #710 (Have a link to live doc site in the PHP Manual View) created by scorphus
mbowie recommends: "(...) it would be nice to have a link to the live …
09:33 WikiStart edited by scorphus


20:51 Ticket #709 (Merge Appearance preferences with "Text Editors") created by mbowie
Following on from #653, 95% of the options presented in the Preferences …


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subclipse first draft piece.
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