17:19 User/EdwardMann edited by ed_mann
adding note about the mailing list page. (diff)
17:18 Administrators/MailingList created by ed_mann
adding note on MailingList management. Need to finish it some day.
13:15 Milestone 1.2.0 completed
New 1.2.0 release. This release has new features such as XDebug support, …
09:44 Concepts/RSEProject edited by giz


08:44 Howto/DBGAndPHPEclipse edited by ed_mann
removing my entry for clienthost, becuase someone already added it. But i … (diff)
08:39 Howto/DBGAndPHPEclipse edited by ed_mann
adding info about register_long_arrays On nikkilocke posted the info to … (diff)
08:36 General/PHPEclipseFAQ edited by ed_mann
adding info about register_long_arrays On nikkilocke posted the info to … (diff)


12:47 Howto/DBGAndPHPEclipse edited by nikkilocke
Fix to php.ini to enable remote debugging on CentOS 5 (diff)


22:36 Ticket #721 (More Keybindings) created by tmpvar
Under the key binding preferences window, it would be nice to have more …
12:23 Ticket #720 (dot files do not display outline) created by pteague
A dot file (such as .filename.php or .filename.inc) does not display …


09:16 Changeset [e58285]1.2.xtrunk by Edward Mann <phpeclipse.dev@…>
adding direct path to Update Site URL for 1.2.x directory.
09:07 Changeset [86d526]1.2.xtrunk by Edward Mann <phpeclipse.dev@…>
Changing update site url to the correct site for stable builds. Seeing if …
00:03 Ticket #708 (Mark Occurrences not workting with Eclipse 3.4 / PHPEclipse 1.2.0 nightly) closed by ed_mann
duplicate: This is a dup of bug #706. I am closing and marking as such.


23:53 Ticket #707 (Error opening the Editor) closed by ed_mann
duplicate: This is a duplicate of bug #657. I am closing as such.
23:51 Ticket #657 (!MESSAGE Problemi durante la chiamata al codice dal plugin: ...) closed by ed_mann
fixed: This has been fixed with a compatibility fragment that was release for the …
17:37 Installation/MinimumRequirements edited by ed_mann
changed version to 1.1.x and 1.2.x (diff)
14:24 Changeset [9a7e6f]1.2.xtrunk by Edward Mann <phpeclipse.dev@…>
Committing changes needed for the 1.2.0 release build. Removed addition of …
10:22 Changeset [6a1e17]1.2.xtrunk by Edward Mann <phpeclipse.dev@…>
cleanup version entries for 1.1.9 release.
10:21 Changeset [034404]1.2.xtrunk by Edward Mann <phpeclipse.dev@…>
Code needed for final 1.1.9 build.


15:44 Ticket #719 (ctrl click of method name causes opening of read only file) created by doc
I updated my install to a nightly build from a couple of days back and …


22:28 Ticket #718 (Open files outside Workspace) created by ed_mann
Our old friend with an error when opening files outside of the workspace …


17:20 General/PHPEclipseFAQ edited by ed_mann
added Ganymede support info (diff)
17:16 Installation/MinimumRequirements edited by ed_mann
02:28 Ticket #717 (Wrong parse error on alternative switch syntax) created by sk-lt
PHPEclipse does not understand the …


18:18 General/PHPEclipseFAQ edited by ed_mann
added info about include paths. (diff)


21:34 Changeset [3f9ac3]1.2.xtrunk by Edward Mann <phpeclipse.dev@…>
adding entry to runtime to put compatibility.jar in the class path. This …


00:09 Changeset [415d47]1.2.xtrunk by Edward Mann <phpeclipse.dev@…>
Compatibility fragment commit
00:08 Changeset [a6ce8b]1.2.xtrunk by Edward Mann <phpeclipse.dev@…>
Importing compatibility fragment that will allow PHPEclipse 1.2.0 to run …


13:26 Ticket #716 (xdebug choking when reaching simplexml_load_file) created by doc
session_write_close(); echo $basket_info_url = …
11:56 Howto/XDebugAndPHPEclipse edited by ed_mann
added note about removing extension (diff)


12:38 Ticket #715 (When attempting to execute a script using a DBG CLI configuration it will ...) created by ajt
When trying to execute a script using a DBG CLI configuration that has the …


10:33 Ticket #714 (PHP Parser bug with $this->oR) created by ptigga
Everytime the string '$this->oR' appears in the PHP editor, it is marked …


14:05 Howto/XDebugAndPHPEclipse edited by ed_mann
adding XDEBUG_SESSION_START info (diff)
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