14:00 Ticket #696 (Variables view won't get updated with Resume and breakpoint inside a loop) closed by ajt
13:07 Ticket #729 (Change the default Foreground color) created by brentd
If I have mixed html and php code you can't change the default foreground …


04:14 Ticket #728 (Find and Replace Dialog has wrong Focus for Paste-Keyboard Shortcuts) created by Nias
If i attempt to use the paste keyboard shortcuts (Shift-Insert, Ctrl+V) in …


12:53 Ticket #727 (Place for skeletons/stubs of APIs) created by scorphus
PHP Extensions provide, through …


13:29 Ticket #726 (Class Hierachy) created by incastrix
implement class hierarchy like JDT.
12:43 Ticket #725 (F3 (Open Declaration/Include) on related projects) created by duael
This function does not seems to work with files/classes/functions from a …


04:26 Ticket #724 (Support for ezComponents and/or other PHP-frameworks) created by apas
Hi, I would like to see support for ezComponents (or maybe other …


08:48 Ticket #723 (Create an option to exclude paths from the parser) closed by ed_mann
duplicate: This sounds like a duplicate of bug #609. I am marking this as such and …
07:38 Howto/PHPGTKCodeCompletion edited by scorphus
07:36 Gtk_Dumper.php attached to Howto/PHPGTKCodeCompletion by scorphus
Script that generates the stub file
07:34 Howto/PHPGTKCodeCompletion edited by scorphus


22:24 Howto/PHPGTKCodeCompletion created by scorphus


14:48 Ticket #723 (Create an option to exclude paths from the parser) created by h0p
I have a vendors directory in my project, which is a lot of code I use but …
13:24 Ticket #722 (The 1.1.9 release appears to depend on Eclipse 3.3 features) created by mbowie
Per rb-dgh in #phpeclipse: […]
02:56 Howto/PHPEclipseAndSubclipse edited by h0p


22:36 Ticket #711 (parser does not recognize in-line variable initialization) closed by ed_mann
invalid: I will close this issue seeing that you had a misspelling.


17:19 User/EdwardMann edited by ed_mann
adding note about the mailing list page. (diff)
17:18 Administrators/MailingList created by ed_mann
adding note on MailingList management. Need to finish it some day.
13:15 Milestone 1.2.0 completed
New 1.2.0 release. This release has new features such as XDebug support, …
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08:44 Howto/DBGAndPHPEclipse edited by ed_mann
removing my entry for clienthost, becuase someone already added it. But i … (diff)
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adding info about register_long_arrays On nikkilocke posted the info to … (diff)
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adding info about register_long_arrays On nikkilocke posted the info to … (diff)
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