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Comment added (diff)
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updated linke to know issue on Ganymede, and latest stable release. (diff)
12:40 Ticket #733 (variable view diplay value) created by incastrix
When select a variable the value isn't displayed
00:22 Ticket #732 (variable view change value.) created by incastrix
Change value don't work.
00:12 Ticket #731 (debug view stackframe path) created by incastrix
a way to set path display: local (mapped) or remote (real).


23:58 Changeset [114b0e]1.2.xtrunk by incastrix <incastrix>
Change variable view behaviour.
23:57 Changeset [c1bb7c]1.2.xtrunk by incastrix <incastrix>
fix bug #675.
23:48 Ticket #675 (Use of unreliable DataInputStream::read() method.) closed by incastrix


22:02 Changeset [4b7be6]1.2.xtrunk by incastrix <incastrix>
Enable class members visibility icon in variable view.
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syntax.xml update from hudson build on Thu 28 Aug 2008 09:25:08 PM CDT
21:36 Changeset [ad1d49]1.2.xtrunk by Edward Mann <phpeclipse.dev@…>
Documentation update from hudson build on Thu 28 Aug 2008 09:25:08 PM CDT


13:22 Ticket #730 (Ganymede: The 'org.eclipse.jdt.ui.TemplateProposalComputer' proposal ...) created by dobes
I was trying to track down this bug and realized it must be one of my …
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This will be the base layout of how i think this page should look, with …
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Adding a page that will give users an understanding of how each package … (diff)


14:00 Ticket #696 (Variables view won't get updated with Resume and breakpoint inside a loop) closed by ajt
13:07 Ticket #729 (Change the default Foreground color) created by brentd
If I have mixed html and php code you can't change the default foreground …


04:14 Ticket #728 (Find and Replace Dialog has wrong Focus for Paste-Keyboard Shortcuts) created by Nias
If i attempt to use the paste keyboard shortcuts (Shift-Insert, Ctrl+V) in …


12:53 Ticket #727 (Place for skeletons/stubs of APIs) created by scorphus
PHP Extensions provide, through …


13:29 Ticket #726 (Class Hierachy) created by incastrix
implement class hierarchy like JDT.
12:43 Ticket #725 (F3 (Open Declaration/Include) on related projects) created by duael
This function does not seems to work with files/classes/functions from a …
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