Dec 23, 2008:

5:20 PM Ticket #751 (Edit button doesn't work correctly on Pathmap) created by myke
Under Debug Configurations, on the Pathmap tab, the Edit button doesn't …

Dec 22, 2008:

10:16 PM debugconfigurationremote.png attached to Howto/XDebugAndPHPEclipse by mbowie
10:13 PM Howto/XDebugAndPHPEclipse edited by mbowie
Menu label update (plus attached image) (diff)
10:12 PM open_debug_dialog.png attached to Howto/XDebugAndPHPEclipse by mbowie
1:01 PM Ticket #750 (Cut & Paste) created by OldManRiver
Sirs; I downloaded and install the 1.2.1 version from SourceForge on my …
12:16 PM Howto/XDebugAndPHPEclipse edited by scorphus

Dec 21, 2008:

5:32 AM Ticket #744 (Java error when control + click PHP include files) reopened by inki
Now it seems you can't 'jump on' once you've clicked into a PHP include …

Dec 17, 2008:

1:21 PM Developers/RFC/Unit-Testing edited by ed_mann
more details on new unit testing file creation wizard (diff)
1:13 PM Developers/RFC/Unit-Testing edited by ed_mann
good starting point on topic (diff)
12:37 PM Developers/RFC/Unit-Testing created by ed_mann
adding stub about unit testing.
12:37 PM Developers/RFC edited by ed_mann
12:36 PM Developers/RFC edited by ed_mann
adding link for unit testing (diff)

Dec 10, 2008:

3:24 PM WikiStart edited by mbowie
3:17 PM Ticket #749 (Hosting SSL enhancements) created by mbowie
Thanks to [https://www.godaddy.com/gdshop/ssl/ssl_opensource.asp GoDaddy?'s …

Dec 6, 2008:

10:35 AM Ticket #748 (Stepping through adjusts viewport) created by altavida
When stepping through code, PHPEclipse adjusts the viewport scrolling on …

Dec 4, 2008:

6:50 PM Ticket #747 (Paramater hints don't show unless using content assist.) created by altavida
If I want to use strpos() (for example) I start typing: strpo ...then I …
1:01 PM Ticket #746 (PHP Eclipse interfering with instantiation of the Display view) created by werdnagreb
I am getting an unfortunate error with using PHP eclipse. Whenever I try …

Dec 3, 2008:

7:34 AM WikiStart edited by scorphus

Dec 2, 2008:

2:56 PM Ticket #745 (Workspace should get focus when hitting breakpoint) created by altavida
The preference "Activate the workbench when a breakpoint is hit" under …
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