Introduction to PHPEclipse

The PHPEclipse project is plug-in feature for the Eclipse development framework. Our aim is to provide PHP developers an affordable, full featured PHP IDE with features like internal PHP parser, debugger, code formatter, outline view, templates and much more. We have assembled documentation to help you get started with the basics of using PHPEclipse. You can also read the guides in our Howto section to learn how to accomplish other tasks using PHPEclipse.

Our Main Concepts starts off with how to Create new project using PHPEclipse. As developers we view version control as something that is vital to maintaining projects and adding the insurance, that if used properly, you can recover from many disasters. A standard installation of Eclipse provides CVS support, but you can also use third party version control plug-ins such as subclipse, subversive. We cover how to use these tools in our Version Control Project guide.

With PHPEclipse 1.2.0 we have included support for RSE. This allows developers to work on remote projects. We also have documentation on how to use RSE with PHPEclipse.

Some items of interest outside of the basic concepts is support for the different php debuggers. PHPEclipse currently provides debug support using either XDebug and DBG debuggers. We have documentation for both XDebug and DBG.

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