New PHPEclipse Project

This guide will cover creating a new project using PHPEclipse. You should already have Eclipse installed and running, as well as have the PHPEclipse feature installed. If you have not installed PHPEclipse you can view the Installation guide.

Activate PHPEclipse Perspective

First thing that we will want to do is activate the PHPEclipse perspective. To do this click on Window -> Open Perspective -> Other.

other perspective

This will open a new window with a list of perspectives you can use.

open perspective

Click the PHP icon then the Ok button. You will now have the PHPEclipse perspective activated. If you do not see the php icon insure that you have PHPEclipse installed.

PHP Project Wizard

If you right click in the navigator view port, select New-> PHP Project.

New PHP Project

This action will open the PHP Project Wizard. In here you will name your project and select it's location. We will be leaving the check box to "Use default location" selected in this guide. We have also named our project Sample_Project. Once you have named your project click the "Finish" button. You should now have a new PHP Project open in the Navigator view port.

New PHP File

Now that we have a project, we can now create a new php file. To do this right click in the Navigator view port and select New -> PHP File.

New PHP File

This action will open the PHP File Wizard.

New PHP File wizard

Give your file a name, we have used "intro.php" for this guide, and then click the finish button. Leave the container to the name of your project. After clicking "Finish" you should have a new file opened with the default php tags and file comment.

Final output

You can now start to work on your project, add new directories, more files, and discover more of what PHPEclipse has to offer.

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